Pedigree Nakupenda Lubaya Asad
Male Rhodesian Ridgeback

Lion Hunter
Binational (South Africa – Switzerland)
Dog language

Background and training

Born on June 28, 2021 from the Nakupenda kennel in Switzerland, of the Lubaya litter, he was named Asad (Lion in Swahili).

Asad – called Maasaï – joined the law firm as a defender on September 1st 2021.

He attends the DEBONS’chien school in Savièse, where he is continuously improving his skills.


The Rhodesian Ridgeback is used for the pursuit of big game, especially lions that threaten farms, and to corner them until the hunters arrive. It has the genes of a very successful hunting dog.

Endowed with the DNA of a lion hunter, Maasaï knows how to show his fangs and protect his family when necessary.

With a particularly courageous and persevering character, he is also loyal, elegant, fine, dynamic and intelligent. He therefore perfectly embodies the values and work philosophy of the firm of which he is called to become the Ambassador. It is important to him to fulfill his role as an assistant in all circumstances.

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