Legal advice

As an entrepreneur, you face many daily challenges and need personalised legal assistance

Are you planning to outsource your legal services while counting on precious responsiveness facilitating the intrepid progress of your business?

Or do you simply need advice provided by a external law firm, experienced in local and international cases?

Do you regularly ask yourself questions in extremely diverse areas due to the ever-growing forest of regulations?

You also have questions relating to the compliance of your activities with law and your legal possibilities (which are the rules / restrictions / advantages applicable to my activity)?

Are you active internationally and need to know which rules apply to your activity (is my company subject to any specific European regulation? Which law will be applicable in the event of a dispute with a particular supplier? In  which country am I to resolve a potential dispute?).

Do you have questions about your entrepreneurial organisation or the civil and tax structuring of your activities (companies, subsidiaries, branches, holdings)?

Do you need legal solutions relating to your employees, the use of your business premises, your relations with private and social insurance or your relations with your service providers (leases, IT, equipment)?

MC AVOCATS SA offers a wide range of advice to help grease the wheels of your business.

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