As an entrepreneur, you favour pragmatic solutions to promote business continuity and preserve your business relationships.

Negotiation is an art which already takes place prior to the conclusion of your various contractual documents.

Well-versed in this exercise, we will assist you and represent you in negotiating various contractual documents with your partners (customers, suppliers, partners, employees, various service providers).

Negotiation is also used to resolve disputes: as the rarely denied adage goes, “a bad deal is better than a good trial”.

Legal proceedings are often time-consuming, their outcome by essence uncertain and often frustrating – at the cost of years of proceedings during which you will have consumed considerable professional, human and energy resources: exactly the opposite of values and needs of entrepreneurship which requires pragmatism, efficiency, speed, renewal and fueling virtuous circles.

In the event of a dispute, MC AVOCATS SA will accompany you and assist you, going off the beaten track if necessary, in view of finding win-win solutions with your opponent.

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