Estate Planning

Especially in family set-ups with an international dimension, it is important to plan your succession seriously

Are you wondering if it is necessary to make a will in Switzerland?

Do you want to personalise the attribution of your assets by way of succession and ensure that your last wishes be respected? We will help you draft them in the most appropriate form (will, contract of inheritance).

Upstream, we will also assist you in drafting your advance care directives and patient decrees (in anticipation of a lasting incapacity of judgement).

Would you prefer to make as many arrangements as possible during your lifetime, for example in order to ensure equality between your heirs and avoid conflicts after your death?

Do you want to ensure the smooth transmission of your business, with a view to preserving its value?

We shall examine the available alternatives to find the best solution based on all the particularities of your individual situation and assist you in its implementation.