Tax Planning

It is essential to properly analyse the costs and tax implications of taking up residence in Switzerland or in case of moving into another canton.

Do you wish to study the consequences (on an individual and/or family scale) in the short, medium and long term of your taking up residence in Switzerland, depending on whether you have a gainful activity or are a retiree?

Might you need to determine whether taxation based on living expenditures (“lump sum taxation”) is advantageous for you, or whether you should instead opt for ordinary taxation?

Would you like to ascertain the tax implications of setting up your business in Switzerland or those of creating one or several companies in Switzerland?

Are you planning to move the headquarters of your non-Swiss company to Switzerland or vice versa?

As a retiree living in Switzerland after a successful career, do you wish to assess the tax implications of the possible resale of your business?

MC AVOCATS SA is delighted to put its expertise at your service.

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