Foundation and Trusts

Have you organised or are you planning to organise the transfer of your assets and your estate using a Swiss or offshore foundation or an Anglo-Saxon trust?

Do you need to know how these structures will be understood and treated under Swiss law, in terms of civil, inheritance and tax matters?

Many questions will arise:

Is it useful for me, in my situation, to resort to such a structure?

Will it be recognised as fully valid in Switzerland?

What are its limits?

What will its fate be in the event of a divorce with international components?

If my estate is opened in Switzerland, what will be the consequences of these estate planning entities (civil, tax)?

What type of structure to choose according to my requirements?

We will assist you in solving these questions by demonstrating the most comprehensive vision possible of your needs.

MC AVOCATS SA has an international network of professionals in the relevant jurisdictions with whom its lawyers are accustomed to cooperating, enabling us to assist you in achieving your objectives.

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