Inheritance / Contractual / Commercial Disputes

Whether in business law or in private law, you will benefit from our rich and diversified experience in either type of proceedings.

These two aspects are often linked, since the death of a person active in international business, having changed his/her country of residence during his/her career, raises many questions of contractual and commercial law.

Sometimes these preliminary questions are subject to non-Swiss law: here again, you will benefit from our efficient international network in order to integrate their resolution of the ongoing dispute.

MC AVOCATS SA, perfectly trilingual firm (FR-EN-GE) familiar with both international business law and Swiss inheritance law, will be of great help to you in this type of proceedings.

Whether your strategy is to negotiate or to plead, or to plead to better negotiate, MC AVOCATS SA will endeavour to display all the responsiveness and originality required for the  defence of your interests.