Residence permits

Currently residing abroad, are you considering or evaluating the opportunity of relocating to Switzerland? Expatriates posted abroad by multinational companies, owners of second homes or wishing to take up residence in Switzerland on a long-term basis?

We listen to your needs responsively to help you make the best choices, considering all the relevant parameters for you.

In order to take your decision, you will have many questions relating in particular to your tax situation, inheritance and matrimonial implications, as well as the acquisition of real estate (lex Weber, Swiss federal law on acquisition of real estate by foreigners).

You will also need to choose the legal regime under which you will reside in Switzerland (as a retiree, as an employee or by setting up a self-employed business ?) and plan it carefully according to your final goals.

We will assist you in all steps of your relocation, from initial advice to your move, including the setting up of your business, if necessary.

Once you are settled, we will continue to support you to ensure the smooth running of your stay by providing very useful “family office” services (administrative assistance, establishment and monitoring of budgets, interface with banks, insurance companies, public administrations, asset managers, help in relation to the acquisition or rental of housing).

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